The folding fan as a target

December 31, 2007 at 9:46 pm (movie, Music)

I believe I have found the song that was the inspiration for a segment of Bladerunner. There is a Geisha advertisement and her song is similar to the one on the album Ensemble Nipponia – Japan Traditional Vocal and Instrumental Music, called 扇の的 or The folding fan as a target.

This famous piece for voice and biwa is based on a complex legend similar to that of William Tell, in which a folding fan,
instead of the famous Swiss apple, serves as the target. Most biwa music is quite ancient. Voice and instrument in the narrative chants tend to complement each other as in Western recitative; the large ornamental leaps for the voice are characteristic of the genre.

Now playing: Ensemble Nipponia – The Folding Fan as a Target
via FoxyTunes

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