Gigglesnort Hotel

February 4, 2006 at 7:22 am (Uncategorized)

I was Googling for Hardrock & Coco & Joe – The Three Dwarfs, which is a Chicago cartoon that was played on TV around Christmas time during the 60’s and 70’s. I then found a link to one of my favorite shows back then called Gigglesnort Hotel or BJ and The Dirty Dragon I’m not sure what it was called now. My father remembers having to put a special antenna on our roof in Kangley, IL. just so this show would come in so I could watch it.

BJ and Angel Blob.jpg

Here is a really good quote about the hardrock cartoon though…

On December 28, 1953, children’s eyes brightened as they watched Garfield Goose
& Friends


on WBBM-TV (originally WBKB-TV) and were introduced to two charming characters: Suzy Snowflake came “tap, tap, tapping on every windowpane” and Frosty first ran “over the hills of snow.” Three years later, The Three Little Dwarfs, Hardrock, Coco and Joe, became the third and final portion of The Classic Holiday Trilogy.

Peter Cottontail was also produced, but failed to gain the staying power of the Trilogy’s characters. These heartwarming creations of Centaur Productions in 1951, also known as “song cartoonettes,” were produced using two types of animation.

The Three Little Dwarfs and Suzy Snowflake were created in black and white, stop motion animation, which is the cinematic process that brings a figure or puppet to life on the screen.

The technique is accomplished by moving the figure in increments while filming one frame per increment. When the frames are put together in the final film, and projected, the puppet appears to be moving.

UPA animation brought Frosty the Snowman to life. UPA (United Production Artists) pioneered the technique of using “limited” animation, which uses abstract art, symbolism, and limited movement to create the effect of movement. This form of animation was developed for cost-cutting, rather than artistic reasons. In later years, The Classic Holiday Trilogy became a Chicago holiday tradition, shown on WGN-TV’s Garfield Goose & Friends, Ray Rayner & His Friends and Bozo’s Circus, bringing joy to millions of Chicagoland viewers throughout the years.


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